The MoonBaller
It It is a story of grit, determination, a never-say-die spirit, a fight against narrow patriarchal stereotypes and the appalling indifference of Indian sporting officialdom, all for the love of tennis-Gulu Ezekiel, Senior Sports Journalist.

The heroine of this book exemplifies the career-minded, multi-tasking modern Indian woman. This book is the saga of a young daughter and sister, who overcame trials and tribulations to bloom into the best woman’s player in her country for a decade. -H.Natarajan-journalist for Indian Express and Cricketcountry.

The Moonballer is the first ever book written by an Indian female tennis player.From a modest background with no sponsors and a self-trained father as her tennis coach, she became India’s number one at 14 years of age. She was the first Indian woman ever to win a round at a Grand Slam (Australian Open 1998) and became the first mother to play for India at the 2010 Commonwealth and Asian Games.This book chronicles her journey from childhood to her life on the grueling professional tennis tour. Learn more